Strong Operating Result in Challenging Economic Environment
  • Revenue $245.9m (up 22%)
  • Operating EBITDA $52.7m (up 6%)
  • Operating NPAT $19.0m (up 26%)
  • NTA 29.9cps

Previous Reports

2021 Annual Report

Strong Financial Result in Challenging Economic Environment
  • Revenue $201.3m (down 23%)
  • EBITDA $45.3m (up 136%)
  • NPAT $16.2m (up from $10.5m loss)
  • Basic EPS 2.62c (up from 1.70c loss)

2020 Annual Report

  • Normalised Group Operating NPAT up 63.2% to $19.6m^
  • Normalised Group Operating EBITDA up 51.5% to $62.1m^
  • Personal Finance EBITDA up 27.6% to $49.2m
  • Vehicle Finance EBITDA up 210.7% to $2.9m
  • Corporate Stores EBITDA up 85.3% to $25.7m

^The operating results are presented net of the significant expense items directly associated with the settlement of class action litigation claims, to aid the comparability and usefulness of the financial information reflecting the underlying performance of the business. This information should be considered in addition to, but not instead of or superior to, the Company’s financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS. The Operating results presented may be determined or calculated differently by other companies, limiting the usefulness of those measures for external comparative purposes.

2019 Annual Report

  • Group revenue up 8.2% to $281.6 million
  • Personal loan applications up 18.3% to almost 450,000
  • Total loan books up 27.9% to $220.5 million
  • Total in-store retail sales up 4.6% to $67.3 million